Nicol Delago made her World Cup debut in 2015. Since then she has become an integral part of the Italian Downhill Team. Having achieved her first World Cup podium last year, she is looking to become one of the speed queens of the circuit.
Nicol Delagoは2015年にワールドカップのデビューを果たしました。それ以来、彼女はイタリアのダウンヒルチームの不可欠な部分となっています。昨年彼女の最初のワールドカップの表彰台を達成して、彼女はサーキットのスピードクイーンズのうちの1人になることを探しています。

Your first World Cup race was in St.Moritz 2015, and since then your growth was steady in term of results; your first top-ten arrived in 2017 in Altenmarkt-Zauchensee,and last season you achieved your first World Cup Podium in Val Gardena, your hometown. How would you describe your journey?
あなたの最初のワールドカップレースはSt.Moritz 2015にありました、そしてそれ以来あなたの成長は結果の点で安定していました。あなたの最初のトップ10はAltenmarkt-Zauchenseeに2017年に到着しました、そして昨シーズンあなたはあなたの故郷のVal Gardenaであなたの最初のワールドカップ表彰台を獲得しました。あなたはあなたの旅をどのように説明しますか?

I am very pleased with the way my journey is going. I think it is very important to constantly grow and consolidate every single step taken. In the first two seasons of 2015/2016 and 2016/2017 my main goal was to improve in the European Cup, but I also had the opportunity to occasionally compete in the World Cup, having my first important experiences there. After that, I started competing regularly in the World Cup, and I took this opportunity to learn from my experiences. Learning a lot from my teammates, who are all really strong and a great source of inspiration, I improved step by step.
私は私の旅が進んでいる方法に非常に満足しています。一歩一歩踏み込んで成長し、統合することが非常に重要だと思います。 2015/2016年と2016/2017年の最初の2つのシーズンでは、私の主な目標はヨーロピアンカップで向上することでしたが、私は時折ワールドカップで競う機会もありました。その後、私はワールドカップで定期的に競い始めました、そして私は私の経験から学ぶためにこの機会を利用しました。私のチームメイトから多くのことを学びました。彼らは皆本当に強く、そして素晴らしいインスピレーションの源です。私は段階的に改善しました。

How exciting and special was the podium in Val Gardena?

It was an incredible day full of emotions. I was already very glad to be able to compete on the slopes where I grew up, no matter the outcome. I tried to enjoy every single moment-- to live everything at my best. Just like when I was a child, I was at home, slept in my bed, had breakfast at my house, and then my dad took me to the gondola, . I love this slope, and all the support I felt at the start gave me an incredible boost. Regarding what happened later, I’m still speechless; I felt like the main character of a movie-- and that movie was my first World Cup podium.
とても感動的な一日でした。結果がどうであれ、私はすでに自分が育った斜面で競争できることをとてもうれしく思いました。私は一瞬一瞬を楽しもうとしました。私が子供の頃のように、私は家にいて、私のベッドで寝て、私の家で朝食をとり、そして私の父は私をゴンドラに連れて行った。私はこの斜面が大好きです、そして私が最初に感じたすべてのサポートは私に信じられないほどの後押しをしました。後で起こったことに関して、私はまだ言葉がありません。私は映画の主人公のように感じました - そしてその映画は私の最初のワールドカップの表彰台でした。

In reviewing of your career so far, you won two bronze medals at the Junior World Championships of Hafjell and Sochi, and most importantly you participated at your first Olympics in Pyeongchang. How do you describe these achievements?

I have wonderful memories of the junior world championships. They are always great events and well organized. I am very grateful for the two medals that I managed to win, especially the bronze in Hafjell that I didn't really expect. These little achievements gave me so much confidence and a lot of motivation, and I’ve always tried to take them as a starting point.Big events are always something special, and at that point in my career I honestly didn't expect to participate in the Pyeongchang Olympics.

How did you experience your first Olympics, and what did you expect from it?

I think it is the dream of many children to take part at the Olympic Games, and I am very happy with the chance I had. There is always a special atmosphere; there are so many athletes from all over the world, and living the Olympic spirit is something unique.I tried to appreciate these moments-- to race at my best and concentrate on my performance. Unfortunately I made a mistake, and I failed to finish the course, but it was still a great experience.
オリンピックに参加するのは多くの子供たちの夢であると私は思います、そして私は私が持っていたチャンスに非常に満足しています。いつも特別な雰囲気があります。世界中から非常に多くのアスリートがいます、そしてオリンピックの精神を生きることはユニークなものです。私はこれらの瞬間を評価しようとしました - 私の最高の状態でレースして、私のパフォーマンスに集中するために。残念ながら私はミスを犯し、そしてコースを終えられなかった、しかしそれはまだすばらしい経験だった。

What are your future goals?

My goal is to improve in every single area: technically, physically, tactically and mentally. After that, being able to work on quality.

Your uncles Oskar and Karla competed in the World Cup in the 1980s, your younger sister Nadia started competing in World Cup this year, and your father Norbert first encouraged your skiing. How important is it to belong to a ‘skier’ family?
あなたのおじさんOskarとKarlaは1980年代にワールドカップに出場しました、あなたの妹Nadiaは今年ワールドカップに出場し始めました、そしてあなたの父親Norbertは最初あなたのスキーを励ま​​しました。 「スキーヤー」の家族に属することがどれほど重要ですか。

Having this kind of family next to me is certainly a huge support. You always have dependable people around you who help you to achieve your best. Most importantly, these people are always there, even in the most difficult moments.

The Italian team is one of the most close-knit in the World Cup. What is your relationship with your teammates?

I was lucky to be able to grow up in a very strong team with many strong and experienced champions. They always helped me a lot and gave me valuable advice. They are always pulling for me, and training with them motivates me daily to improve .

Last season your team struggled due the fact that a lot of athletes were injured before the start of the season. How did you react?

It definitely wasn't easy starting the season with a lot of our teammates out of the game. We spend so much time together, and our companions become like a second family so it makes you feel sorry. On the other hand, we have to keep fighting for ourselves and go on with the awareness that injuries are part of the game.

On your social media we’ve often seen your faithful friend: your dog Mika!!

Yes Mikaaaaa ... I love him so much.. He gives me so much peace and happiness. When I come home after a weekend of competing I love walking together. It's something that relaxes me and helps me get my mind off racing . He is a two-year-old Samoyedo, and I didn't think I could become so attached to an animal.
はいMikaaaaa ...私は彼をとても愛しています。彼は私にとても多くの平和と幸福を与えてくれます。 週末の競争の後に私が家に帰るとき、私は一緒に歩くのが大好きです。 それは私をリラックスさせ、レースから私の心を奪うのを助けてくれるものです。 彼は2歳のサモエドです、そして、私は動物にとても付き合うことができるとは思わなかった。

When you were little you used to play tennis and do horse riding. Are you still able to practice other sports?
小さい頃はテニスをしたり、乗馬をしていました。 あなたはまだ他のスポーツを練習することができますか?

I really enjoy doing many kinds of sports, and I still try to combine them with my usual training. I really like being in the middle of nature, walking in the mountains, going mountain biking, and in recent years I’ve started climbing. Living in Val Gardena is the perfect environment to practice everything I want to.
私は本当にいろいろな種類のスポーツをするのを楽しんでいます、そして私はまだそれらを私のいつものトレーニングと組み合わせることを試みます。 私は自然の真ん中にいること、山の中を歩くこと、マウンテンバイクに行くことが本当に好きです。そして近年、私は登り始めました。 ヴァルガルディーナでの生活は、私がやりたいことすべてを実践するのに最適な環境です。

Do you want to thank someone?

I want to thank all those who have always supported me since I was a child, and to those who are still allowing me to live my dream:Thank you.